The Office of Emergency Management and Business Continuity has developed resources, quick tips and important information to educate and empower the campus community to respond and act if an emergency event occur.

All members of the UMD community have a responsibility to stay aware and be prepared; making a personal preparedness plan is one way to stay ready. The following resources will help you develop your own plan. 

Important Campus Phone Numbers

 University Health Center

 📞 301-314-8184: Urgent or routine health matters

 📞 301-314-9386: After hours nurse line, after 5 p.m. and weekends 

Facilities Management

Academic or administration buildings and campus ground:  📞 301-405-2222

Residential Facilities

Residence Halls, Fraternity/Sorority Chapter Houses: 📞 301-314-9675 24/7

Emergency Preparedness Quick Tips

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Active Shooter


RUN away from the attacker or HIDE in a locked room/behind a large object. FIGHT the attacker if you are in immediate danger and are unable to RUN or HIDE.

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Pull the fire alarm. Leave the building. Call Campus Emergency 301-405-3333.

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Power Outage

Keep a supply kit, including flashlight and batteries. Report the outage. Unplug equipment; keep fridge closed. Have a plan for replacing medication/medical applications.

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When a warning is issued, immediately seek shelter indoors. Stay away from trees, open fields, and downed powerlines.

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Go to an enclosed, windowless space or designated tornado shelter. Get under a table or heavy furniture. Wait for the all clear.

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Prepare food and water. Stay low and away from windows and glass doors.

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Flash Flood

Seek higher ground. Don't walk or drive through rising water.

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Outside: Move to an open area.

Inside: Get under sturdy furniture and hold on or crouch in a doorway and protect your head.

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Winter Weather

Stay home. Don't drive.

If you must go outside, dress in layers. Change wet clothes. Watch for hypothermia.

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