Introduction to what geographers do and how they do it. Systematic study of issues regarding social and cultural systems from a global to a local scale. Looks at the distribution of these variables and answers the question "Why here, and not there"?

Course Offerings:
    Spring 2016Instructor: Martha GeoresView: Syllabus
    Spring 2019Instructor: Joshua Wayland
    Spring 2020Instructor: Julie A. Silva

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Course Offerings:
    Spring 2015Instructor: Eric S. KasischkeView: Syllabus
    Spring 2015Instructor: Eric S. KasischkeView: Syllabus
    Spring 2016Instructor: Eric S. KasischkeView: Syllabus
    Spring 2017Instructor: Ralph DubayahCo-Instructor: George HurttView: Syllabus
    Spring 2018Instructor: Ralph DubayahView: Syllabus
    Spring 2020Instructor: Sinead L. FarrellView: Syllabus
    Spring 2019Instructor: Joanne Hall

Digital image processing and analysis applied to satellite and aircraft land remote sensing data. Consideration is given to preprocessing steps including calibration and geo registration. Analysis methods include digital image exploration, feature extraction thematic classification, change detection, and biophysical characterization. One or more application examples may be reviewed. (Technical)

Course Offerings:
    Fall 2014Instructor: Tatiana V. LobodaView: Syllabus
    Spring 2018Instructor: Chengquan HuangView: Syllabus
    Spring 2020Instructor: Dongdong Wang