Event Date and Time
Geographical Sciences Computer Labs (LeFrak 1136 and 1138)

As part of the joint collaboration endeavor between ESRI and the University of Maryland, the Department of Geographical Sciences will be hosting a workshop on Digital Twins, an exciting emergent technology that can create a virtual representation of a physical object or process. Learn more about digital twins here

Creating a Digital Twin with GeoAI

Heard all the buzz about digital twins? In this hands-on workshop presented by Esri, you will learn how to create a digital twin model in ArcGIS using the latest tools and functionality. Working in ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online, we’ll visualize how buildings and other infrastructure would be impacted in different natural disaster scenarios. You will learn how to use deep learning to extract building footprints from imagery, create realistic 3D buildings and trees from lidar, and use raster analysis to calculate landslide susceptibility. Some experience with ArcGIS Pro is encouraged, but step by step instructions will be provided.

To register, please fill out this survey. Class space is limited to 20 people.

Note: This will be an in-person workshop with no virtual option planned. If circumstances change, we will look at pivoting to a virtual workshop.

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