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Join us for our weekly seminar series! This week Dr. Adam Fracchia, an associate research professor with the University of Maryland Department of Anthropology, explores geospatial technologies and historical archaeology.



The seminar will focus on the recent combination of historical records, GIS, and geophysical survey to explore and better understand cultural and archaeological resources. The history of Baltimore has been written in books and historical documents, but another history exists which lies scattered around the city and buried underneath it. The goal of the Baltimore Archaeology Project is to research and explore the archaeological heritage of metropolitan Baltimore and tell a more representative history of the city and region. 

The research focuses on:
-Spatial and material patterns of urbanization and industrialization
-Residential differentiation and segregation on the landscape
-Labor relations and the working class
-The evolution and expression of social categories of class, race, gender, and ethnicity.



Adam Fracchia is a historical archaeologist and associate research professor at the University of Maryland who studies the processes of urbanization and industrialization and their impact on the modern world and everyday life. His research has focused on labor and the material and spatial evolution of the Baltimore metropolitan region and the role and responsibility of archaeology for present communities. He also directs forensic aviation recovery excavations in Austria and France for the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency. 


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Col. Allen Pepper from the U.S. Embassy with Adam Fracchia and co-director Tiffany Saul, a forensic anthropologist from Middle Tennessee State University