Amanda Hoffman-Hall is an Adjunct Professor, instructing GEOG212: Career Planning, GEOG201: Geography of Environmental Systems, GEOG306: Quantitative Methods, and GEOG441: The Coastal Ocean. Dr. Hoffman-Hall earned her PhD in Geographical Sciences at the University of Maryland College Park in 2020. Her research focuses on spatial epidemiology and prediction of infectious disease risk, environmental health, algorithm development for satellite mapping of land cover and land-use change, and population and human settlement mapping. She is passionate about environmental justice, undergraduate education, and ensuring that every Geographical Sciences major achieves a fulfilling post-graduate career.

Her dissertation research investigated the influence of landscape on individual malaria risk for a remote population in Myanmar. She has served as a research assistant studying land cover and land-use change in Northern Eurasia under the combined drivers of climate and socio-economic transformation as well as studied the synthesis of forest growth, response to wildfires, and carbon storage of Russian forests. She has authored publications in the journals GeoHealth, Remote Sensing of Environment, Remote Sensing, and Environmental Research Letters. She has also studied the impact of climate change on the forest pathogen Phytophthora cinnamomi in northeastern US forests, for which she was awarded two UMD BSOS Dean's Research Initiative Grants.  

Amanda received her Bachelor of Science degree in Geography from the University of Oklahoma, where she was a coxswain for the Women's D1 Rowing Team. In her spare time, she enjoys cheering on the Washington Nationals & Oklahoma Sooners, attending concerts, olympic weightlifting, and traveling with her children and husband.



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Hoffman-Hall, A., Puett, R., Silva, J.A., Chen, D., Baer, A., Han, K., Han, Z., Thi, A., Htay, T., Thein, Z, Aung, P., Plowe, C. Nyunt, M., Loboda, T.V. (2020). Contextualizing Malaria Exposure in Myanmar by Combining Satellite-Derived Land Cover and Use Observations with Field Surveys. GeoHealth.

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Hoffman-Hall, A., Loboda, T. V., Hall, J. V., Carroll, M. L., & Chen, D. (2019). Mapping remote rural settlements at 30 m spatial resolution using geospatial data-fusion. Remote Sensing of Environment, 233, 111386.

Jacquelyn K Shuman, J.K., Foster, A.C., Shugart, H.H., Hoffman-Hall, A., Krylov, A., Loboda, T.V., Ershov, D., and Sochilova, E. (2017). Fire disturbances and climate change: implications for Russian forests. Environmental Research Letters, 12(3).

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Published Datasets

Chen, Dong; Baer, Allison; He, Jiaying; Hoffman-Hall, Amanda; Shevade, Varada; Ying, Qing; Loboda, Tatiana V (2020): Land cover land use map for Myanmar at 30-m resolution for 2016. PANGAEA,

Loboda, T.V., J.V. Hall, A.H. Hall, and V.S. Shevade. 2017. ABoVE: Cumulative Annual Burned Area, Circumpolar High Northern Latitudes, 2001-2015. ORNL DAAC, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA.

Chen, D., T.V. Loboda, S. Channan, and A. Hoffman-Hall. 2015. Russian Boreal Forest Disturbance Maps Derived from Landsat Imagery, 1984-2000. ORNL DAAC, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA.

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GEOG212 Career Planning for Geographical Sciences, GIS, and ENSP Majors Spring 2019 Syllabus
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GEOG385 Internship in Geography II Summer 2017 Syllabus
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