Jamis is a rock climber, musician, cook, and PhD student in the Geographical Sciences department at the University of Maryland, College Park.  Working with Dr. Dubayah and the Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation team, Jamis works on the calibration and validation efforts of the GEDI mission and developing the mission's ancillary data products.  As a first year in the program, Jamis is developing his science interests, but broadly they relate to forest ecosystem function, physical and age structure, and carbon sequestration potential.

Jamis arrived at UMD after completing his MSc in Environmental Science at Western Washington University and a two year stint as a social science data specialist for Edelman Intelligence.  For his master's research, Jamis studied topoclimate (the influence of topography on landscape-scale climate near the ground) driven Great Basin bristlecone pine treeline dynamics in the American southwest and .  He continues to collaborate on paleoclimate and treeline dynamics research involving Great Basin bristlecone pine in the American Southwest.

Areas of Interest

  • Forest structure
  • Carbon cycling
  • Topoclimate
  • Treeline dynamics
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  • Degree Type
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    2016, Environmental Science, Western Washington University
  • Degree Type
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    2013, Physics, Colgate University

Research Topics

  • Geospatial-Information Science and Remote Sensing
  • Carbon, Vegetation Dynamics and Landscape-Scale Processes
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Department of Geographical Sciences
jamis [at] terpmail.umd.edu