PhD Advanced to Candidacy
Name Email Location & Phone
Baer, A profile image Bredder, Allison
Graduate Research Assistant
aebaer [at] 1149 LeFrak
Meredith G. L. Brown Brown, Meredith G. L.
Graduate Research Assistant & Doctoral Candidate
mglbrown [at] 2138 LeFrak Hall
Jamis_headshot Bruening, Jamis
Doctoral Candidate, Graduate Research Assistant
jamis [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 347E2 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Noel Dyer Dyer, Noel
Doctoral Candidate
ndyer [at]
Cortney Gustafson Gustafson, (Kelly) Cortney
Doctoral Candidate
kgustaf1 [at] 2176 LeFrak Hall
(954) 661-7824
Guangxiao Hu, Guangxiao gxhu [at] 2138A, Lefrak Hall
 Samuel Jantz Jantz, Samuel
Doctoral Student
sjantz [at] 1150
(301) 405-3076
IMAGE Jia, Aolin
Graduate Research Assistant
aolin [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 334C2
Ipsita Kumar Kumar, Ipsita
Doctoral Candidate
ikumar [at]
Mengyu Liang Profile Photo Liang, Mengyu (Amber)
Doctoral Candidate
mliang77 [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 347A3 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Halfphoto Liu, Zheng zliu1208 [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 334G2 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Jiaming Lu Lu, Jiaming
Graduate Assistant
jmlu [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 321B1 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
(240) 413-1061
This picture was taken in Bahia San Quintin, Baja Calaliforina.  I was helping a former lab-mate with his doctoral research on the extent, productivity, and seasonality of seagrass in that pristine bay. Powell, Elisabeth
Doctoral Student
epowell1 [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 347E1 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Meghavi Prashanani Prashnani, Meghavi
Doctoral Candidate
meghavi [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 309A3 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Gabriela  Rodrigues Eklund Rodrigues Eklund, Gabriela
Doctoral Candidate
gvaz [at]
kaihuis Song, Kaihui
Doctoral candidate
kaihuis [at] 2138 LeFrak Hall
Yunting Song Song, Yunting ytsong [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 334H1 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Image Traldi, Rebecca
Doctoral Candidate
rtraldi [at]
Zhiyue Xia, Ph.D. Candidate Xia, Zhiyue-Luna
Doctoral Candidate
zyxia [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 337B1 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
profile_picture Zhang, Yiming ymzhang8 [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 309H3 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Profile Image Zhu, Guimin
Doctoral Student
gmzhu [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 337C2 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Name Email Location & Phone
Christian Abys abys, christian
Doctoral Student , Graduate Research Assistant
cabys [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 309J1 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Photo of Oliwia Baney Baney, Oliwia
Doctoral Student, Graduate Research Assistant
obaney [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 347F3 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Profile picture Barenblitt, Abigail
abarenbl [at] 4104935300
Zachary Burnett Burnett, Zachary zrb [at]
UM Globe Chen, Weiye
Graduate Teaching Assistant
4600 River Road, Suite 337B2 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Xiangjie Chen Chen, Xiangjie
Doctoral Student, Graduate Research Assistant
xjchen [at]
Profile image Cui, Diyang
Doctoral Student
dcui [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 334B2 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Trying to smile de Conto, Tiago tiagodc [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 347D1 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Headshot Elamin, Elamin M.
Doctoral Student, Teaching Assistant, Graduate Research Assistant
eelamin [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 309K (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Tuo Feng Feng, Tuo (Tony)
Doctoral Student
tuofeng [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 347B1 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Olympic game Gao, (Eric) Xueyuan
Doctoral Student
xygao [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 334D2 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Jiena He He, Jiena jiehe [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 334E1 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Profile picture Iddings, Kelli
Doctoral Student, Teaching Assistant
kiddings [at] Suite 300, River Road
Professional headshot of Rya smiling and wearing clear glasses and a navy blazer. Inman, Rya
Graduate Research Assistant
rinman [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 300 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Jennifer Kennedy Kennedy, Jennifer
Doctoral Student
jkenned [at]
me Li, Ruohan
Graduate Student
r526li [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 334E2 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Xinyuan Li Li, Xinyuan lxy95 [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 358E1 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
UM Globe Li, Xiuxia
Visiting Graduate Student (Beijing Normal University)
my profile Li, Zhili lizhili [at]
UM Globe Liang, Jian
Visiting Graduate Student (Wuhan University)
Liao_Profile image Liao, Mengyu myuliao [at] 4600 River Rd.
Profile Image Liu, Baobao baobao [at] Lefrak 2138
Profile Picture Madenberg, Levi levimadenberg95 [at] 6314184369
Utah Melocik, Katherine
Doctoral Student
kmelocik [at]
Image of Sasha sitting on a park bench Mikus, Aleksandra (Sasha)
Graduate Research Assistant
smikus [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 358C2 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Headshot of Haley Mullen. Haley is wearing a white shirt and smiling. Mullen, Haley
Doctoral Student, Teaching Assistant
mullenh [at] 240.252.0067
Diana Parker Parker, Diana
Doctoral Student
parkerd [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 358D3 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Abdul Qadir Qadir, Abdul
Doctoral Student, NASA FINESST Fellow
4600 River Road, Suite 309H1 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Identification photo Qian, Yuehui
Graduate Research Assistant
yhqian [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 337C4 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
+1 (240) 9179220
Image of Quan Shen Shen, Quan
Doctoral Student
qshen [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 347G1 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Leonid Shumilo on LPS in Milan Shumilo, Leonid
Research Assistant
lshumilo [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 309J2 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
James Web Space Telescope Alison Thieme Portrait Thieme, Alison
Doctoral Candidate
thieme [at]
Headshot of Maria Tonellato Tonellato, Maria
Doctoral Student
mtone [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 321A3 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
please let me know if the photo is not shown Wang, Yuhao yhwang20 [at] LeFrak Hall Rm 1124
Zhihao Wang Wang, Zhihao
Doctoral Student
zhwang1 [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 334B1 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
ElleXu2019 Xu, Jingjing (Elle)
Doctoral Student, Teaching Assistant
ellexu [at]
My picture Xu, Shuo shuoxu98 [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 334C1 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
UM Globe Zhang, Xiaodong
Visiting Graduate Student (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China)
Name Email Location & Phone
. Chen, Zihan
BS/MS Student
zchen117 [at] 240-524-0693
gasminemyersimage Myers, Gasmine
Graduate Research Assistant
gasmyers [at] 4600 River Road, Suite 321A1 (send mail to 2181 LeFrak)
Headshot of Marie Panday Panday, Frances Marie
BS/MS Student
fpanday [at]