GEOG pipeline

The High School Hub compiles GEOG’s programs that are designed to ignite students' passion for geographical sciences and cultivate a deeper understanding of geographers’ role in mitigating climate change, tracking deforestation and biodiversity loss, addressing food security, combating natural disasters and other important issues for Earth and humanity.

Through a series of engaging and interactive activities, our programs offer high school students the opportunity to explore the multifaceted aspects of geographical sciences. 

GEOG’s high school outreach initiative is led by GEOG Associate Chair George Hurtt with assistance from faculty specialist Valeria Morales. It’s part of our multi-pronged strategy to address the challenge of recruiting outstanding freshmen and diversifying our student body.

“We are not going to just wait idly by for the best students to find us. We are reaching out and engaging to find them.” Hurtt noted. “There is also so much additional benefit coming from this program. We hope to make the university more accessible to people.”

Here are our programs for high school students:

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Want to take summer classes designed for high schoolers? Check out the Terp Young Scholars Summer Program in Geographical Sciences.