Three technical staff from ADPC/SERVIR-Mekong are joining the three weeks on-the-job training (March 24th – April 16th, 2019) with Dr. Peter Potapov at the UMD GLAD lab. This training is the capacity building activities for ADPC/SERVIR-Mekong in the 3rd year  of the UMD/SERVIR-Mekong AST-2 project: “Supporting satellite-based national land cover and land use change monitoring systems in Southeast Asian countries (Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam” funded by NASAThis project has contributed key input products for the Regional Land Cover Monitoring system (RLCMS) of SERVIR-Mekong.

The training aims to:

·For SERVIR-Mekong staff to learn the whole process and able to operate the GLAD system for Mekong region and support country's forest monitoring needs

·Perform processing the annual update of 2018 for all GLAD products in Mekong region, which includes annual tree cover canopy (TCC) and tree canopy height (TCH) and annual forest loss. 

·Contribution for documentation of the GLAD processing and training material which can be more user-friendly for GLAD training in other countries.

Besides fulfilling technical objectives, ADPC/SERVIR-Mekong team also has extended opportunity to attend some very interesting scientific talks at the Geography faculty at UMD and GLAD lab, experience hospitality of UMD colleagues, enjoy nice weather and cherry blossom in Maryland.

ADPC/SERVIR-Mekong staff participate in training in the GLAD lab