The GEOG Department held a meeting with delegates from the Polish Academy of Sciences (CBK PAN), Statistics Poland, Agricultural Department and Institute of Geodesy and Cartography, Poland on March 12th, 2020 to discuss the innovations and challenges of using Earth observations for agriculture and land cover monitoring in Poland. A day-long meeting covered the presentations and exchange of ideas between researchers from The University of Maryland (Barker, Kerner, Sahajpahl, Skakun, and Justice) and Poland (Łączyński, Bojanowski, Woźniak) on various topics including crop statistics, crop mapping, yield prediction, land cover mapping, cloud computing and new missions relating to the earth observation based agriculture monitoring. The delegation was hosted by Meghavi Prashnani and was attended by Garik Gutman (NASA LCLUC Program Manager).

umd polish meeting
UMD faculty successfully collaborated with visiting delegation.

The morning session consisted of the presentations on EO based agricultural monitoring, while afternoon session was focused on global land cover mapping and monitoring through medium resolution satellite data (Landsat and Sentinel), which included presentations by Peter Potopov and Viviana Zalles Balivian from the UMD GLAD team and delegates from Earth Observation Department, Polish academy of Sciences (CBK PAN). Prof. Stanisław Lewiński, Head of Earth Observation Department, CBK PAN, presented the methodology and strategy used for global mapping using Sentinel-2 images for S2GLC – Sentinel-2 Global Land Cover. Discussion included the need for standardization of methods for field data collection for the purpose of yield estimation and crop mapping.

Delegation of visitors