On 12th September, Geographical Sciences Associate Professor Dr. Sinead Farrell took part in a panel discussion about sea ice, at the VisArts center in Rockville, MD. Farrell joined University of Maryland Artist, Cy Keener, an Assistant Professor of Sculpture and Emerging Technology in the Department of Art for the presentation and discussion, together with Justine Holzman, an Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture at the University of Toronto, and John Woods, a country director at the US Office of Naval Research - Global.

Together they explored intersections between art and science, in the context of climate change. In April 2019, Keener deployed two, hand-crafted buoys off the coast of Utqiagvik, Alaska, to measure the temperature, color, and thickness of Arctic sea ice. For over two months, the buoys collected information about the temperature changes in the sea ice with depth, and through time, as well as the color of sunlight transmitted through the ice into the ocean. Keener and Holzman translated the scientific data into unique, daily drawings visualizing the sea ice. Their art installation, entitled “Sea Ice 71.348778º N, 156.690918º W”, not only captures the environmental changes in the ice with time, but also the beauty of the sea ice they measured.

Check out the sea ice exhibition installation, and its icy blue and green drawings, while it is on view at the VisArts 355 Pod Space, on Route 355 in Rockville, Maryland through September 22, 2019. The sea ice project was also featured in a recent edition of Terp Magazine.

Sea Ice 71.348778º N, 156.690918º W