NASA’s Terrestrial Ecology program announced this week the next round of selected proposals for the Arctic-Boreal Vulnerability Experient (ABoVE), and two newly selected proposals were led by Geographical Sciences faculty members Tatiana Loboda and Laura Duncanson. ABoVE is a large-scale study in western North America’s Arctic-Boreal Zone focused on studying ecosystem responses to environmental change and the implications of these changes for social-ecological systems. Laura Duncanson’s project, ‘Mapping Boreal Forest Biomass Density for the ABoVE Domain Circa 2020 with ICESat-2’ also includes Co-Investigators Ralph Dubayah and John Armston from the department. Tatiana Loboda’s project is titled ‘Assessing Impact of Climate-Driven Increase in Wildfire Emission on Air Quality and Health of Urban and Indigenous Populations in Alaska’. These new projects will each last three years.

Two new UMD-led NASA Proposals Selected