Team from the Departmnet of Geographic Sciences will support a team of researchers from the Center for Vaccine Development of the University of Mayrland School of Medicine (PI - Myaing Myaing Nyunt) in an effort to develop better understanding of spatial patterns of malaria distribution in Myanmar with a partiuclar focus on drug resitant Plasmodium falciparum distribution.  Our team's focus is on developing detailed local and regional maps showing the direction and magnitude of parasite movements between areas where resistance is present and absent. Identification of areas at most risk of importation of artemisinin resistance from resistance foci inside or outside of Myanmar.

The task will have three components, which will meet the geospatial analysis and representation needs of the project:

1)     Collection and compilation of base maps and spatial data sets from national and international sources and project partners, including satellite derived information on land cover.

2)     Development of a geospatial data base from the above data layers collected under task 1) and geo-located point data collected by the project

3)     Development of an interactive web-GIS for the project for visualization and analysis 

Principal Investigator
Project Sponsor
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation