The creation of a sustainable future will require an approach to natural resource management and planning that jointly considers the effects of new policies on social, economic and environmental systems. This recognition has lead to the overarching question: How can future human demands for food, fiber, energy, and water be efficiently met while minimizing negative impacts to the Earth’s climate system, biodiversity, and ecosystem services that enhance human well being? To address this question, the major objective of this proposal is to pull key considerations of biodiversity and ecosystem into the scenario development process, so potential changes to them can be jointly mitigated along with changes to the physical system. To achieve this objective, we propose a series of six workshops; the progression of workshops is designed to engage a broad community of stake holders, policy experts, social and environmental scientists in a logical and collaborative process in the end-to-end co-creation and assessment of a new set of “sustainable” climate mitigation scenarios of high scientific utility to the international community.

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Integrating Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services into Sustainable Global Climate Mitigation Scenarios
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